Lübeck proud to host the Early Career Hallucination Research Network’s Meeting 2023

On November 2nd-3rd, we were proud to host the annual international meeting of the Early Career Hallucination Network (ECHR) themed around predictive processes in hallucinations. 

The ECHR group provides a stage for early career scientists investigating hallucinations from all possible angles including empirical investigations, case studies, and insights from medical professionals. Young scientists from 8 countries exchanged on the most recent and cutting-edge ideas and build new collaborations.

Dr. Katharina Schmack delivered an inspiring keynote talk on “hallucinating mice, dopamine and immunity – towards mechanistic treatments for psychosis”.

The second keynote talk by Dr. Ana Pinheiro’s presented insights into invisible conversations: what hearing voices reveals about voice perception.

“We were able to attract top early career scientist for a well-rounded programme that left everyone more inspired and motivated to tackle the next challenges in the field of hallucination research” said conference organiser and co-host Dr. Léon Franzen.

At the meeting, the current head of the network Dr. Ben Alderson-Day passed on the torch to the new dual leadership team Dr. Emma Palmer-Cooper and Dr. Catherine Bortolon.

Special thanks go to Dr. Ben Alderson-Day, Prof. Jonas Obleser and the Center for Brain, Behaviour, and Metabolism (CBBM) as co-hosts of the meeting whose tremendous contributions brought this meeting to Lübeck.

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