Current and recent funding from national and international funding sources.

Research Funding

Title of project Topic of project Duration of funding Coordinator / Lead Participating institutions Role Translational Psychiatry Amount of project funding Funding agency Type of funding Project website
CAT Child to Adult Transitions 2023–2026 Zealand University Hospital Zealand University Hospital, Region Zealand, UKSH, ZIP, Universities of Lübeck, Kiel and Greifswald, Trifork Public A/S Exchange of knowledge, building cooperations and extensions of capabilities 2,600,000€ EU Interreg Competitive European more
STEP Stratification & Treatment in Early Psychosis 2023–2025 University of Oxford 35 research centres worldwide Efficacy of cannabidiol for prevention and treatment Wellcome Trust Competitive national more
CARE Computer-assisted psychosis risk evaluation 2022–2025 University of Düsseldorf Consortium,
please see website
Recruitment and Testing 9,500,000€ Germany National Competitive national more
PDDT calculator Intelligent health solutions for digitally informed psychiatry 2022–2024 University of Lübeck University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Project Lead 10,000€ University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Competitive internal
PRO-JUNG Prevention and early intervention of mental disorders elicited by the COVID-19 pandemic 2022–2023 University of Lübeck University of Lübeck Project Lead 250,000€ Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (Schleswig-Holstein) Competitive provincial
PsyYoung Psychological wellbeing 2020–2023 CHUV Lausanne University of Geneva, Education Department Geneva, UPK Basel Main Applicant and Project Lead Prof. Christina Andreou 2,619,920CHF Promotion Santé Suisse Competitive national more
Brain-Gut Understanding gut-brain interactions and the effect of dietary measures in obesity and depression 2020-2024 University of Fribourg University of Lübeck, UPK Basel, University College Cork & St. Clara Forschung AG Main Applicant Prof. Stefan Borgwardt 2,602,315CHF Swiss National Science Foundation Competitive national more
Dopaminergic Influences EEG resting-state connectivity and psychosis 2017–2020 UPK Basel University of Basel, University of Geneva, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf & University of Lübeck Project Lead Prof. Christina Andreou 372,000CHF Swiss National Science Foundation Competitive national more
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