Current and recent funding from national and international funding sources.

Research Funding

Title of project Topic of project Duration of funding Coordinator / Lead Participating institutions Role Translational Psychiatry Amount of project funding Funding agency Type of funding Project website
CARE Computer-assisted psychosis risk evaluation 2022–2025 University of Düsseldorf Consortium,
please see website
Recruitment and Testing 9,500,000€ Germany National Competitive-national more
PDDT calculator Intelligent health solutions for digitally informed psychiatry 2022–2024 University of Lübeck University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Project Lead 10,000€ University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Competitive-internal
PRO-JUNG Prevention and early intervention of mental disorders elicited by the COVID-19 pandemic 2022–2023 University of Lübeck University of Lübeck Project Lead 250,000€ Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (Schleswig-Holstein) Competitive-provincial
PsyYoung Psychological wellbeing 2020–2023 CHUV Lausanne University of Geneva, Education Department Geneva, UPK Basel Main Applicant and Project Lead Prof. Christina Andreou 2,619,920CHF Promotion Santé Suisse Competitive-national more
Brain-Gut Understanding gut-brain interactions and the effect of dietary measures in obesity and depression 2020-2024 University of Fribourg University of Lübeck, UPK Basel, University College Cork & St. Clara Forschung AG Main Applicant Prof. Stefan Borgwardt 2,602,315CHF Swiss National Science Foundation Competitive-national more
Dopaminergic Influences EEG resting-state connectivity and psychosis 2017–2020 UPK Basel University of Basel, University of Geneva, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf & University of Lübeck Project Lead Prof. Christina Andreou 372,000CHF Swiss National Science Foundation Competitive-national more
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