Track records and profiles of each member of the Translational Psychiatry research group on ORCiD, GoogleScholar,  and ResearchGate.

IP ORCID iD Google Scholar Profile ResearchGate Profile
Stefan Borgwardt, Prof. MD 0000-0002-5792-3987 profile profile
Christina Andreou, Prof. PhD MD 0000-0002-6656-9043 profile profile
Mihai Avram, PhD 0000-0003-2171-8313 profile profile
Frederike Buschmann, MD profile
Sofia Eickhoff, MSc profile
Léon Franzen, PhD 0000-0003-2277-5408 profile profile
Marina Frisman 0000-0002-6645-6276 profile
Marco Heide, MD 0000-0002-1170-4500 profile
Alexandra Korda, PhD 0000-0001-8843-4951 profile profile
Kristina Hedelt profile
Alina Julia Preuss
Helena Rogg, MD 0000-0003-3900-8248 profile
Frederike Schröpfer, BSc 0009-0006-0729-295X profile
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