Perception, cognition, and metacognition in schizotypy vs dyslexia: What’s common?

Department of Psychiatry Science Lunch 2021

Dr. Léon Franzen, Department of Psychology at Lübeck University, presented his research on the perceptual and cognitive commonalities between schizotypy and dyslexia. The Translational Psychiatry group is currently collaborating with the Auditory Cognition group of Professor Jonas Obleser, housed in the Department of Psychology at Lübeck University, on a project investigating biases in auditory and visual perception in schizotypy and schizophrenia.

Our weekly “Science Lunch” takes place on Wednesdays at noon (12pm CEST) online via the Webex platform. Once a month, external speakers are invited to present their research during the meetings. Please email us, if you are interested in joining one of the next Science Lunches.

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